Noise Screening Analysis for new South Flow Departure Proposal

The latest from the FAA

The FAA’s “screening Analysis Report” prepared last October, and only now shared with MWAA

Last year, the FAA had promised that if the screening revealed a significant impact in any area, it would take a more detailed look, dividing the map into quadrants and check the DB change for each. But this year, it said it would not.

Note that the last sentence in the Summary (page 2) says, "In the case of DCA, while there are reportable noise increases associated with the proposed action, this action does not result in any significant noise increases within the project study area.” Translation: Although Accokeek will experience a significant noise increase, it is insignificant when considering the entire project study area.”

Compare pages 17 and 20. Then take a look at page 22 (Figure 5-1).

MWAA “south of airport committee” members were asked to opine whether to recommend moving ahead with the flight path change, or ask for more information. I have voiced my unwillingness to saddle my community with increased noise from departures without any countervailing decrease in noise from arrivals.

John Mitchell