The Quiet Skies Caucus in the United States Congress seeks to raise awareness on the issue of aircraft noise and find meaningful solutions to the problem. The caucus consists of congressional representatives from across the country whose constituents have been impacted by the FAA's NextGen program. 

The National Quiet Skies Coalition supports communities across the United States whose citizens have been adversely impacted by the Federal Aviation Administration's NextGen program. The NQSC's mission is to help educate the American public on the hazards of aircraft noise and air pollution, share relevant information among concerned citizens, support the efforts of the congressional Quiet Skies Caucus and petition the FAA and Congress to adopt common sense solutions for mitigating jet aircraft noise and pollution over America's cities and towns. 

Urge your federal representatives to unite with these caucus members in the fight for quieter skies.  Locate your district's congressmen(women) using the search engine above-left.  And remember... aircraft noise and air pollution knows no party; it is a burden shared by Democrat and Republican alike. 

 Aug 6, 2019 

Rep. Lynch And Quiet Skies Caucus Colleagues Request A Meeting With New FAA Administrator Regarding Airplane Noise 

The Quiet Skies Caucus requested an update from Administrator Dickson on all ongoing FAA projects related to aircraft noise. 

Jul 31, 2019